Brickmatch & Tint

When close in not good enough

The rationalisation of the brick industry since the financial crisis has left many householders unable to find the vital brick match for that new extension or conservatory. Our on-site brickwork tinting procedure solves this problem with a perfect match to your original brick.

Not only problem solved, but your project is not held up as we undertake the tinting after your building work is completed and all other trades have left site.

If an existing brick cannot be matched call for a free consultation and advice on brick choice prior to any building to achieve the best possible result when tinted.

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We can tint either lighter or darker

Tying in new bricks with existing ones can be a difficult task when extending or renovating a property, but this is where brick tinting could provide the perfect solution.

Low-maintenance and cost-effective, brick remains a staple material in British housebuilding; however, when it comes to extending a brick house or undertaking remedial work, things become a little more complex.

Bricks vary slightly in colour and finish from foundry to foundry – the source of the clay and even the slightest variation in firing temperature impact on colour. Many historic foundries are no longer in existence, with the bricks they made long out of production, and reclaimed bricks are often not available in sufficient quantities, so it can be a difficult task to match new bricks with existing. This is where brick tinting could be of assistance, with bricks dyed to match existing ones, or colour-altered for more visually appealing results.

Once the fixing agent saturates the brick, the tint is permanent, meaning the colour is not lost as bricks weather or are exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The undeniable benefit is that there is no ongoing maintenance.

The difficulty lies in matching new bricks with existing ones, and it is inevitably a process that is perfected with experience. Matching is the most important aspect of the job and should never be rushed.

New Extensions

If you intend to extend your property and are unable to source a brick to match, then specifying bricks with a view to tinting them can be a good solution. The key here is choosing a brick that is identical, or at the very least similar, in size and finish (which may mean purchasing an imperial size in some instances) to the existing bricks. Tinting will alter the colour, but, up close, differences in texture and size will be a tell-tale sign. Tinting bricks a darker colour is a more straightforward task than lightening them, so choosing a brick that is slightly lighter than the original is a good idea, too.

New bricks should be laid in alignment with the old and in the same brickbond – no amount of tinting can disguise misaligned brickwork. Using mortar of the same colour and texture is also vital, and the same technique can be applied to tint mortars. Special care must be taken when considering the tinting of lime mortars.

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