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Architect - Plans & Planning

Design and architecture in harmony with its place and its time.

Director Zoran Baros, has over 25 years experience with different architectural studios in the UK and abroad. This wide ranging experience makes us a unique architectural practice that finds the right solution to your special projects, by offering a personal and comprehensive service.

This service incorporates the specific needs of client and our expertise and innovation. As you embark on a journey to discover how design can transform the quality and effectiveness of your living or working environment!

We provide a suite of services and clients can select one or a combination from the services:

  • The Preliminary Stage – project brief, site analysis and planning requirements

  • Feasibility Studies - provide alternative proposals
  • Detailed Design and Planning – final design, design and access statements and planning applications
  • Working Drawings and Procurement – construction drawings, building regulations applications, advice on procurements, consultants and tendering
  • Contract Administration – contract documents, site inspection, quality control and project handover

The focus of our work is to assist clients in achieving the intricate link between architecture and the functionality of design. We give careful consideration to the context: new builds that respects the landscape and urban patterns; retaining the history and integrity of design within and adjacent to existing buildings and working through the challenging issues of public use and listed buildings. Whilst seeking to ensure the project provides value for money.

We will guide and support you through reinventing your own ‘amazing space’ or developing your own ‘mini or grand design’.

Our mission is to produce architecture in harmony with its place and its time. The selection of projects presented in this site is a brief illustration of this approach, looking equally at careful contextual responses of designing within and adjacent to existing buildings, as well as new buildings that respect established landscape and urban patterns.

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